Happy Gilded Easter!

23. März 2018

Sweet and artful Easter Greetings from London

Three to choose from

Six Golden Praline Eggs

Six real hen egg shells have been intricately hollowed, painted gold for fairytale appeal and filled to the brim with praline chocolate. Crack as you would a real egg and enjoy the chocolate hazelnut goodness hidden inside


Large Chocolate Hand-painted Chicken Egg

This hollow large chocolate egg is a mixture of both milk and white Lovingly created by our master chocolatiers in Buckinghamshire, this eye-catching egg has been made with intensely rich 60% dark Belgian chocolate, which is then covered with white chocolate to provide a canvas for its unique design. Each egg is painted by hand using colours made from natural pigments. Together, the fine Belgian chocolate, natural ingredients and extraordinary flavours ensure the tasting experience is just as good as the visual.


Speckled Goose Eggs in a Basket

A fun twist on the traditional Easter egg, these sumptuous chocolate ‚goose‘ eggs are perfect for sharing. Handmade from the finest milk and white chocolate, the hollow eggs are decorated by hand with speckled chocolate designs to resemble the mighty birds‘ eggs.


Images: PR


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