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Farmer J

12. Oktober 2018

Farmer J in King William Street, London, is a new venue catering for dine-in and on-the-go customers, effortlessly transitioning from morning to night, week to weekend and coffee to cocktails

A fresh new restaurant concept deserves a fresh new design approach

Melbourne based design studio Biasol designed the new venue to cater for dine-in and on-the-go customers, effortlessly transitioning from morning to night, week to weekend and coffee to cocktails. By merging the concept of grab-and-go with a full-service restaurant, Biasol has redefined the perception of fast casual dining, elevating the Farmer J experience and forkin’ good brand.

Jonathan Recanati, founder of Farmer J, recognised and loved Biasol’s international work and wanted a design partner with strong hospitality experience in all-day-trade environments. Biasol looked to Jonathan’s Israeli background and the food and architecture of Tel Aviv for inspiration. The food is unique, diverse and fresh. The architecture is a rich mosaic of eclectic, modern and locally interpreted styles with an abundance of parks and public spaces. Biasol used materials, colours and textures evocative of Israeli food and architecture to create a casual, unpretentious and authentic space that balances functionality and atmosphere.

Two entries and two bars attract on-the-go and dine-in customers and accommodate the flow of all-day trade. To one side, a long food bar serves takeaway breakfast, lunch and coffee and extends into back-of-house, with neon “Coffee” and “Order Here” signage directing the customer journey. Across the room, a second bar serves drinks for dine-in customers. A variety of seating throughout the restaurant, including counter/bar, booth, banquette, window and communal tables, unite the space and blur the zoning of service types, meeting the demands of fast food but providing the warmth, atmosphere and hospitality of dine-in.

Materiality and detailing are used to create differing levels of intimacy depending on the service. A lighter material palette for the food bar entices day customers, while darker tones for the drink bar sets a cosier mood and scene for night service. Inspired by the diversity of Tel Aviv architecture, handcrafted tiles and hand-rendered concrete walls add texture and depth and tile patterns and half-dowel timbers battens are matched and mismatched to create a random but orchestrated experience. A timber arch frames a dining alcove with the Farmer J motto: “Do what comes natural.”

Biasol refined the Farmer J brand, elevating it for the dine-in restaurant and integrating it throughout the venue with signage, menus and staff apparel. A fresh green palette, clear brand language and vibrant plants are inviting, and menus are noticeably positioned for day trade, yet unobtrusive for night trade.

Farmer J is located at 24 King William Street, a prestigious new development adjacent to Monument Station and a five- minute walk from London Bridge. Located in this bustling heart of the city, the venue buzzes day and night as time-poor city workers enjoy fresh, affordable and healthy meals to the beats of old-school anthems. It’s a relaxed, casual and lively venue reflective of the Farmer J ethos: seasonal, flavoursome and never boring.

Images: Focal Interior Photography


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