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5. Oktober 2018

The launch of Magasin du Nord’s Tea Salon by award-winning Nordic dessert brand Winterspring, marks a new era for the traditional Copenhagen tea salon

Including Nordic sea buckthorn and beach camomile

Winterspring has created a unique space to explore revolutionary Nordic sweets and savouries: from freshly prepared breakfasts and lunches, to afternoon tea, alongside their celebrated ice creams, sorbets and desserts with views of Kongens’s Nytorv.

The Tea Salon is set within the impressively proportioned grand house Magasin du Nord, which overlooks the main square, King’s Nytorv, in Copenhagen, Denmark. Winterspring champion locally sourced ingredients and present it with exceptional Nordic design flair. Their dedication to the senses can be seen throughout the Tea Salon: from the considered menu, to the unusual Nordic flavour combinations – including Nordic sea buckthorn and beach camomile, to the open plan kitchen and curated dining experience that allows visitors to enjoy their visionary Nordic cuisine.

“Since the beginning, we have always taken pride in combining inherently Nordic flavours with innovative techniques to create exquisite desserts that perfectly embody the Nordic lifestyle”, explains Karina Schmitt Lund, Winterspring’s Founder. “First with our Dessert bar in Store Strandstræde and now with our Tea Salon which allows us to celebrate the Nordic seasons and daily rituals by sharing chef-created breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and desserts and in a physical space that reflects our philosophy.”

Sitting by the large windows with light flooding in from the square and the Royal Ballet in the background, visitors can watch desserts being prepared by the friendly Winterspring team. Every detail has been considered: from the collection of Swedish ceramics with different pieces to suit the changing menu, embroidered linens, through to the cutlery by Sori Yanagi encouraging visitors to savour every moment.

Winterspring worked with London-based craft gallery The New Craftsmen to curate a display of books and unique pieces, laced with small narratives, to pique curiosity and feed the mind. Amongst the selection of objects are glassware by Jochen Holz, ceramics by Akiko Hirai, wooden vessels by Alex Devol, and portraits by Agalis Magnessi. The books, from local Danish company Books & Company, are an eclectic range from American Pop Architecture to Cezanne’s Objects and Natural Curiosities.

“The shared language of food and craft is something we have always celebrated at The New Craftsmen. We frequently gather makers, customers and experts around the dining table to enrich our minds and fill our bellies! It has been a joy to work with Winterspring who bring the two worlds together so exquisitely”, remarked Catherine Lock, Co-Founder and Creative Director of The New Craftsmen.

Images: Ditte Isager and Anne Lærke Kofoed. Thank you!

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