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Eneko, Lisbon

22. November 2019

Eneko Atxa, the famous Spanish chef, has arrived in Portugal for the first time

Eneko Atxa likes to put the kitchen at the heart of things

This is the first restaurant Eneko Atxa has opened in Portugal, right in the centre of Lisbon and just a few steps away from the river.

With this, its tenth restaurant, he continues to focus on fine dining. It should be mentioned that Penha Longa Resort has two Michelin-starred restaurants: LAB by Sergi Arola and Midori, headed by Pedro Almeida – and the only Japanese restaurant in Portugal with a Michelin star.

In typically Basque fashion, Eneko Atxa likes to put the kitchen at the heart of things, and he expects his restaurants to reflect this sensation of cosy comfort. Azurmendi, his 3 Michelin star restaurant (and 14th on The World’s 50 Best list) in Larrabetzu, is proof of this, as will be his new restaurants in Lisbon: Eneko Lisboa and Basque.

The Basque chef will bring a new approach to hospitality, cooking and experiencing food to Lisbon, inspired by his five stars – three at Azurmendi, one at Eneko Bilbau and another at Eneko, located close to Azurmendi.

Twice voted chef of the world’s most sustainable restaurant, Eneko Atxa was born in Amorebieta, in Spain, in 1977. He learnt to cook with his mother and grandmother and in 1992 entered the Leioa School of Hotel and Restaurant Management in Biscaia. Two years later, he began working at the restaurant Baserri Maitea. He spent time in other kitchens, most notably that of fellow Basque Martin Berasategui and also that of Andra Mari. In 2000, he was voted best young Spanish chef and five years later took the plunge with his first solo project: Azurmendi. He has won award after award, earning his first Michelin star in 2007, his second in 2010 and his third in 2012 – the same year he made the building of his restaurant bioclimatic, i.e. able to produce its own electricity via photovoltaic panels. It is also famed for recycling rainwater for watering and for flushing the toilets, using local environmentally friendly materials, recycling all of its rubbish and reusing the leftovers. With modern and inventive food based on traditional Basque recipes, it manages to create a perfect trio of flavour, texture and aesthetics sublimely dominated by the broths. The homemade single-pot cooking and Basque roots can be found in every dish.

A fine-dining restaurant that will serve two tasting menus: Erroak (110€/wine pairing not included) and Adarrak (125€/wine pairing not included). They will include some of the best known dishes from Azurmendi and others that are new. Examples of these are Roast shelled lobster with sauce, coffee butter and red Zalla onion, Coastal prawns with plant gel and mature tomato granizado and Iberian pork castañeta with Idiazabal cheese bonbons and mushroom broth.

Images: Courtesy of the Restaurant

Eneko, Rua Maria Luísa Holstein, 13 1300-388 Lisboa

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