Well Being

Crisp, Saint-Henri, Quebec

20. Oktober 2020

CRISP’s second location is situated in a long tunnel like 700 square foot space in the Saint-Henri neighbourhood of Montreal

The layout remains simple

From the outside, the space is somewhat mysterious, with a series of tall pampas hiding most of the perspective. Inside, the layout remains simple: A service counter, six barbering chairs and additional seating for waiting clients. The separation of barber stations is unclear as a single minimal raw steel shelving unit and mirror span the entire 40 foot wall. In the back of the space, a backlit steel cut-out of the CRISP logo echoes the reversed lettering cut out of the entrance planter.

This new space shares the minimalistic design as its predecessor, but in contrast uses a less delicate and more raw palette. To match the existing concrete slab, the walls are finished with a hand-made faux fini paint. In contrast, the only colors present are the beige tones of the dried vegetation spread around the space. All of the furniture is custom designed and is unique to the space. Comprised almost entirely of doubled raw steel plates, a mechanical language unites the counter, shelves and benches.

Images: Alex Lesage

Design: Ivystudio.ca

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