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Casa Cook Chania

1. Juli 2019

Tucked away on the hillside on a pristine stretch of Cretan coast, the 106-room retreat is Casa Cook’s first family-friendly hotel,designed with the postmodern traveller in mind

Perched on the cusp of Crete’s most evocative city, Casa Cook Chania echoes the simplicity of a life lived on the beach

Set against an enchanting backdrop of deep Mediterranean blues, sun saturated beaches and an ancient Venetian port, Casa Cook Chania blurs the line between a hotel and a home. The modernist village, which places equal emphasis on private and communal living, caters to a new breed of contemporary traveler – those who are world-aware, social and curious, seeking inspiring places that provide a well-balanced mix of time together and time for oneself. Centered around the Greek notion of parea, Casa Cook Chania cultivates spaces that foster a culture of community. Parea – which roughly translates as a group of friends who gather to share philosophies, values and ideas – makes us feel at home with friends, both new and old, in a uniquely, inspiring setting.

The hotel itself follows the natural cues of the hillside, shifting down winding paths and levels towards the sea. The journey begins at the hilltop welcome area, where guests are greeted with sweeping views over a turquoise shoreline. From here, a web of paths weave throughout the resort, leading to the private rooms – each cocooned by an assortment of palms, agaves and carob trees. At the foot of the hill, a tropical- style Beach Club, as well as a kid’s pool and concept store, completes the experience.

It feels natural – like a village grown organically over time. During the day, sunlight moves across the resort, creating new shapes of light and shade. The ensemble of light-filled rooms feature a clean, understated aesthetic, transporting the outdoors inside. Raw textures of wood and natural stone paint a picture of off-the-cuff luxury, establishing a warmth and connection to the natural world.

Each of the seven room types – ranging from Superior Double Rooms to Family and Presidential Villas – are designed as private sanctuaries. Warm and full of character, each room is fitted out with luxuries, both little and large, and tailored with sophistication and convenience. The style is both contemporary and simple, with structured materials breaking clean lines and modernist shapes. Rooms are strewn with patterned cushions, throws and carpets, and complimented by a curated selection of art, ceramics and other worldly treasures. Inspired by the style and décor of the mid-1930s to late-60s, Casa Cook Chania boasts an unspoken simplicity that stands the test of time. Soft, earthy tones combined with natural greys set the scene, offset by accents of tropical wood, walnut and teak. Retractable glass walls open up to a spacious private terrace, reflecting the seamless merge of indoor and outdoor living that is typical of life in the Mediterranean.

Featuring a lush green landscape and open- plan style, the Beach Club serves as the communal hub. Drawing on the Greek notion of parea, it’s a place to feel inspired, nurture friendships and share experiences with kindred spirits.

Framed by an assortment of tropical palms and vegetation, the bush-hammered concrete enclave is enhanced with wooden elements and sleek, contemporary interiors. Throughout the day, shadowed light creates a striking atmosphere through the translucent ceiling, while the airy design allows for wind to flow naturally throughout the space. With a menu curated by leading local chefs, the kitchen offers a variety of fresh and healthy Mediterranean and international favorites, infused with local Cretan flavors and ingredients. From Poké bowls to a modular porridge menu for kids, the chefs have tailed the food trends of the world to create a menu with something for every appetite. The unique bar concept has been developed hand-in-hand with renowned bartenders to tailor a drinks selection that features both classics as well as new and innovative signature aperitifs. From herb-infused cocktails to freshly made fruit sodas, the little ones will be just as spoiled as their parents. The beauty of the Beach Club lies in the freedom of choice: guests can dine or lounge however and whenever they like. Enjoy meals together with family or new friends on one of the long communal tables, or opt for privacy with a space of your own. Children have the option of their own common table, while the kids’ pool and beach are just a short walk away.

Images: Courtesy of Casa Cook Chania

Casa Cook Chania is located on the northwestern coast of Crete around 3 km from Chania Old Town and 24 km from Chania International Airport

Apteron Road, Parigoria, Chania 73100 Crete, Greece


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