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Captain E-Boat

10. Mai 2019

Being on an X Shore craft means you’re free to explore without the noise and fumes of a fossil-fuel engine. You’re free to connect with your surroundings, experience the world around you and travel without harming the environment

From the Captain Konrad Bergström:

We all come from and belong to the sea. I have always been fascinated by the sea, taken notes and learned from it. I have experienced the many things it has to offer. I took my passion for the ocean and translated it into a new concept – a different way to see boats and seafaring. Sustainability and innovation form the core of this concept – a change in the marine industry founded on respect for Mother Nature, and the belief that seafaring should be a way to enjoy our oceans, not change them.

We are building better, more ethical ways to traverse our seas. With new technology and innovative research, smart design and sustainable materials, we embrace the long tradition of maritime craftsmanship without the institution of fossil fuels. While we embrace tradition, we must also embrace change – it is vital, and it brings new life.

In 1996 I trademarked X Shore globally, however, it took some time before the development began in earnest. Te technique for electric propulsion wasn ́t ready, and as an entrepreneur, I had some dreams to fulfil. I began by founding Zound Industries, and that was my gateway into a booming technology scene. Zound Industries includes the global success brands Urbanears – the fastest growing company in Sweden’s history, as well as Marshall headphones and speakers.

In 2012 I put all my energy into the creation of an electric craft, and so X Shore began to take shape. In 2016 the first working prototype was built. Last year X Shore was established as the leading electric craft manufacturer, and in January 2019, we launched our Eelex Models for the world.

The future is bright for our planet, if we want it to be. We look forward to supporting the environment and a clean planet. X Shore is ready to lead

Welcome on board!


Style, Functionality and Elegance

X Shore’s software and hardware adhere to the same standards – practical, smart and beautiful design. Inspired by the Electric Eel, each X Shore craft features a modular interior and hull optimized for efficient passage through water. Outstanding acceleration, coupled with speed and performance over distance are essential for the modern seafarer.

Our motor comprises an inverter designed to handle stress; a battery that has outstanding power to weight ratio; and a magnetic gearbox, which ensures silence and zero air friction. X Shore crafts have a top speed of 40 knots. A consistent speed of 25 knots can be achieved when cruising for more than 2 hours, and a distance of 100 nautical miles can be completed when traveling at lower speeds.

X Shore is manufactured using the latest CAD technology and traditional Swedish handmade craftsmanship. To achieve the best results in hydrodynamics, X Shore collaborates with Rolls Royce to test for the optimal combination of hull, shaft, propeller and rudder.

The bow is designed for easy docking and entry for passengers and the low freeboard at the stern brings the freedom of panoramic views, ample space for fishing and optimal utility for loading. An open-modular interior rail system allows to customize and add personal preference to the boats design, allowing different seats, sunbeds and cargo storage options to be mounted.

The cockpit is designed for intuitive use and control, with an elevated position for a 360 degree view of the open sea. A 24-inch monitor is included, and control buttons are located within easy reach of the wheel, ensuring the pilot never loses control. Equipped with front and back thrusters for greater agility and freedom of movement, X Shore’s software guarantees the smoothest voyage and efficient battery management.

The Power of Silence

Our inspiration comes from the South American eel; a creature defined by strength and grace.

We modeled our boats after the eel’s robust head and sleek, streamlined body – for the safety of a strong bow, and the silence of a dynamic, powerful vessel, run entirely on electric energy.

We see nature’s design as something to be emulated, something beautiful.
At the head of each vessel is a sculpture of the American eel. We call this sculpture: The Power of Silence. Drawn by William Pacheco and sculpted by Johan Ferner Ström, it pays tribute to our inspiration and serves as a reminder that our vessels work in harmony with nature.

In time, our hulls develop an equilibrium with their environment, taking on the green hues of the ocean through contact with saltwater.

No two of our vessels will look alike. They may be subject to the same solid bronze fittings, the care and passion of our engineers and designers, but an
X Shore craft is defined by experience. Coloured and affected by the different tides, each vessel is a reflection of its pilot, of a chosen course, of stories and memories.

Images: Courtesy of X SHORE


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