7. März 2020

On the terrace of the new Casa Hoyos hotel in San Miguel de Allende, BEKEB rediscovers the nobility of spirits made from agave distillates, plants, flowers, and roots

You can rediscover the pleasure of every day, the simple and the nature that nourishes and enchant the spirit

On the horizon, the landscape of San Miguel de Allende is covered with a blanket of reddish sky, offering a postcard to be treasured in one’s memory. At the same time, one’s palate is delighted by the fusion of elder flower liqueur, lemon verbena, pineapple, lemon, Sotol, and Mezcal, which make up the BEKEB cocktail, an emblematic elixir of the bar.

The elements of its signature artisanal mixology are part of the hallmark of BEKEB, a bar specializing in contemporary cocktails. Its name, which refers to the Tzotzil term “bek”, which means “seed”, invites to reconnect with the essence of our origin.

Thus, the interpretation of Mexico’s deep roots is the starting point for an experience created by a talented group led by Fabiola Padilla, creative mixologist internationally recognized for her collaborations in prestigious restaurants in New York, such as Enrique Olvera’s COSME and the Diego bar by the creator of Studio 54, Ian Schrager, located in the PUBLIC Hotel on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

In BEKEB, Padilla combines plants, flowers, and roots with agave distillates to conceive original creations that captivate the palate, such as the “Lavender Sour”, which mixes gin, aromatized wine, lavender flowers, liqueur de violette, and lemon, also the “Miranda”, a cocktail that incorporates mezcal, Mediterranean herb liqueur, vermouth, and sherry.

The proposal of earthy aromas harmonizes with the menu’s tapas and stellar dishes, such as the wrapped cheese and shrimp ceviche, created by Matt Conroy and Isabel Coss, well-known New York chefs.

For contemporary bohemians and nomads, BEKEB has a curated wine selection that immediately shows the expertise of an authentic gourmand.

Images: Azucena San Martín (@madeinchena) para BEKEB



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