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13. April 2018

In St.Petersburg: instead of creating a restaurant with a meat processing line, the idea was to create a butcher’s shop restaurant…

According to the plan everything that could be left from the old butcher’s shop was preserved, like tiling, walls and ceiling

BeefZavod – the restaurant and a meat factory created by Big Wine Freaks and Na Vina! bars founders has been functioning for a year on Aptekarskiy prospect on Petrogradskaya side of Saint Petersburg. From their own farm in Leningrad region and education received from the best butchers of the world such as Dario Cecchini and Hugo Desnoyer the history grew into opening a restaurant with their own butcher’s dry shop, giant grill and a meat shop. Open kitchen and brutal design give an opportunity to enjoy the process of making a steak right off the bat. The whole cooking process is happening just in front of you. Here you meet with a meat concept based on consumption “from nose to tail” and enjoy the biggest variery of both classic and alternative steaks in town. The beef is not the only option. Here you can find char, tuna, chicken, pork and even whole-made lamb. In charge of wine variety is Evgeniy Shamov who is the best sommelier according to Russian Association of Sommeliers and “Wheretoeat 2017” competition. Wine list includes both classic and avant-garde wines as well as natural and biodynamic wines from small European producers. And of course here you can find wines of New World, Russia and Georgia. In the restaurant there’s also a meat store where you can buy home-made wurst, sausages, paté, rillettes and other varieties of charcuterie.

Design, interior and other details.
By Evgeny Evdokimov Studio.
The Restaurant is located on the ground floor of a historic building of Lenpoligrafmash manufacture on Aptekarskiy avenue. The idea behind this was not to build a restaurant with its own meat shop but to build a modern meat shop which has both restaurant and a meat store beneath the same roof.Each separate zone in the restaurant is different and has its own unique atmosphere.
At the entrance you meet a butcher’s store with marble counter and attributes to match the concept of a meat shop. After the plastic curtains hides the cloakroom. Through the big picture window you can see the meat shop and the whole process of meat cutting.
On the other side of the restaurant there is an open hot shop with a giant Grillworks grill and a smoke house where you can also observe the process of meat production. Gastronorm container serves as the wine dispenser. In the centre of the table there are two holes designed for steak knives.
Wine is considered seriously here and there’s no surprise. Restaurant owners Artem Tskhakaya and Vladimir Basov are as well owners of Real Authentic Wine distributing company (specializing on natural, biodynamic and organic wines), famous Big Wine Freaks bars as well as some other projects. The open bar is located right in the middle of the room and all the guests are passing it by. All the wine coolers are located above their heads. In the bar zone there are high public tables made of stainless steel which is usually used in the kitchen cabinets. Between the tables kitchen sinks are located. Refrigerated tables serve as waiters‘ stations.
Alongside the facade windows there are comfortable sofas and armchairs which end with a place for a small company where you can find a brutal wooden table regulated by jack pads, sofas and an asymmetrical handmade stained glass chandelier with brass tubes.
Brick walls, vintage tiles and cambered concrete ceiling were saved and restored with care in the interior of Lenpoligrafmash buiding. Modern art drawings were added to the walls by designer and artist Alexey Kurchin. Columns and walls around the windows were covered with stainless steel panels.

Almost every piece of furniture has been designed and made exclusively for BeefZavod. Wooden tables, stainless steel tables and tiles, sink brackets, shelve stands and all the hardware were made by the local craftsmen. The aim was to create the atmosphere as if you are standing in a kitchen shop or any other kitchen workplace.
Brutal interior contrasts with soft, bright, modern Italian furniture customised with latten and covered with DEDAR velvet. Comfortable furniture and dim light create a unique and special atmosphere.
Handmade lamps were produced in Saint-Petersburg by Handle Studio and Sfera Decoration companies (the last-named also took part in walls decoration). The chandelier near the aging room deserves special attention. It is composed of 21 glass lamp shades which are hooked from the hanging structures. Each hand made shade weights 15 kilograms and is made from glass that is more than 1 cm thick.
On the walls you find fluorescent concept-based writings.
The ceiling is technologically designed: open ventilation pipes, hanging stalls and structures made for carcass transportation. This all creates its own architecture of space. All functioning light is located on the rail-tracks of the hanging structures.
Bathroom: a piece of kitsch art (almost). Cubicles are made of real cooler rooms where expensive brass bathroom fitments and ceramic toilets contrast with naive flowers on them. Manufactured washing units and stacks made of stainless steel serve as sinks and sophisticated brass mixers and glasses on the wall balance this contrast.

Images by Mikhail Loskutov

Aptekarskiy avenue 2, Saint-Petersburg, Russia



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