Beauty meets Functionality

6. Oktober 2017

During the Monaco Yacht Show 2017, Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design presented Nature, a 120 meter concept yacht that offers a new perspective on yachting and transcends the traditional parameters of status and grandeur. Nature is a full custom design with a holistic approach that combines beauty and functionality in a groundbreaking way.

Inspired by Nature

Nature provides a platform to experience and enjoy the natural world and the beauty of the environment, without relying on luxury and convenience. The dedicated design team of Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design took full advantage of the geometrical lines and shapes that form the basis of our natural surroundings. As a result, Nature becomes one with its environment and everybody aboard Nature will immediately feel the freedom to be who they really are.

Due to the intelligent layout, the thoughtful routing and the fully-customized furniture, Nature is extremely functional while offering the most desirable yachting amenities, such as 8 luxurious state and VIP rooms and a strikingly spacious Owner’s room, a luxurious Spa deck, gym, and swimming pool at sea level – as well as a spectacular circular staircase, winding from the Owner’s deck up to the 900sqm+ Panorama deck. The essence of Nature is epitomized by the fully-functional Inner Garden, equipped with state-of-the-art climate control technology. Another striking detail is the upper deck observatory at the bow, which is unique by design and function. Its spectacular conception featuring two floor-to-ceiling windows eliminates all borders between nature and Nature, offering an incredible outlook for those on-board.

Nature is all about balance: between technology and nature, natural and artificial light, crafted detail and natural grandeur, the inside and the outside, beauty and functionality, openness and privacy. Nature is above all functional, which enables the owner to enjoy both leisure and business, large parties and privacy, small trips and endless journeys.

Images: Courtesy of Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design


Guest capacity: 18 persons (6 Guest State Rooms, 2 VIP State Room, 1 Owner State Room)

Crew capacity: 50 persons (2 double staff cabins, 18 double crew cabins, 2 triple crew cabins, 2 officer cabins, 1 first officer cabin, 1 captain’s cabin)

Tenders and Toys: 1x 10m Limo tender 1x 10m Sport tender 1x Luxury tender, 2x Crew tender, 8x Wave runners

Exterior & Interior Design: Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design


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