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Back to basics

13. Juli 2018

Ark-Shelter is a self-sustaining shelter. By collecting rainwater and using wind power to produce electricity, ark respects nature by being ecologically friendly and totally independent of outside resources. This is what makes ark so unique. Escape the city life of burdens and find yourself in an ark!

The philosophy behind ark is to go back to the basics by proving a living place within nature

With sides that fold open, ark adjusts to the landscape and becomes an extension of nature. Its panoramic views allow you to enjoy camping without giving up comfort, unlike anything before.

The unique design has no fixed foundations, which gives you the advantage to have your ark wherever you can imagine! Whether you see yourself watching the moon’s rays reflect on the lake, camping in a large grass field surrounded with wild horses, waking up to the sound of animals in the woods, enjoying your morning coffee in a peaceful atmosphere; Ark-shelter makes it possible. The mobility offers you the opportunity to escape your daily life by bringing you closer to nature. Ark’s mobile and zero impact design allow you to change destinations while leaving nature untouched. The minimalist design blends with the landscape letting you enjoy nature by becoming part of it. If you choose to close the shelter from the outside, the natural lights will play an inspiring role in the interior.

A Statement by the founders De Backer, Senkowski, Mikovčák: „We are architectural students who’ve come together to reinvent the way people live their lives. In today’s fast paced world, we have fallen into a continuous loop of pressures and deadlines that leave us stressed and burdened. We’ve found a way to escape from this stressed life and return to our roots. We believe that by incorporating nature back into our lives, people will find the break they need. That’s how ark shelter was born. Our appreciation for low-tech architecture has created an affordable home that everyone can enjoy. It’s a cocoon without TV, a silent place to reconnect with and appreciate nature, a cozy home where you can find yourself.“

Images: Jakub Skokan and Martin Tůma / BoysPlayNice



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