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12. Juli 2019

A Thai food restaurant located in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico with a mist appearance

Architect Jorge González Yáñez about this project:

The space is located on the ground floor of an apartment tower near the financial district. The restaurant is designed around a central bar, surrounded by tables with a capacity for 135 people.

Due to the building regulations, we used a light structure that was independent from the original construction. Both the central bar and the walls have a floor-to-ceiling structure built of steel angles that support textured glass curtains; in the lower part of the structure there are planters with tropical vegetation that, together with the glass, generate an appearance of mist. The intention of this was to create a greenhouse sensation inside the local, surrounding people with diffuse silhouettes of plants blurred through a permeable element such as glass.

Since the site only has one of its façades facing the building’s public areas, the entire metallic structure that surrounds the local has an artificial RGB lighting and generates a completely different atmosphere from what happens outside. The temperature of the light varies from daytime to nighttime, changing the mood inside the local.

The project is organized in three main areas: kitchen and services at the back, bar and diners area at the center and at the front, a terrace that generates a dialogue with the exterior.

In addition to steel, textured glass and vegetation; the project uses stony materials; the compacted concrete bar, with different tones, continues with the porosity of the volcanic stone floor that is placed both inside and outside the local.

For the furniture, we looked for raw and apparent materials that followed the projects line; metal chairs and tables share the color pallette with the rest of the place creating a homogeneous mixture with the rest of the existing elements.

Images: Jorge González Yáñez

Design: Lázaro

ATOMIC, Av. Américas 1254 Interior 4 PB Torre mil500, Country Club, 44610 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexiko


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