Arcadia A105

30. November 2018

The A105’s chiselled masculine lines are one of the yard’s trademarks but here have been reinterpreted to raise the communal guest and al fresco areas – the very heart and soul of every ARCADIA – to new heights

The style of the interiors is clean and sober, yet rich in details and materials

The extension of the interior and exterior spaces – objective and perceived – is the underlying concept of the A105 yacht. The result is that contact with nature and the surrounding world is intensified yet also respected thanks to large apertures which reduce the need for air-conditioning, solar panels integrated into the superstructure, and the extensive use of cutting-edge, highly efficient thermal insulating glass. The A105 is a yacht that is totally designed from the interior to the exterior, with balconies and windows that create the exclusive charm of a yacht deep in the blue sea and sky.


Creating a sense of conviviality and chilled-out relaxation aboard remains one of ARCADIA’s core values. The aft deck aboard the A105 can comfortably seat up to 10 people for a formal dinner, while the lounge area has space for a further 12 guests. The latter can also convert to a further dining area, offering the Owner the possibility to having more than 20 people aboard to dine at once.

This same principle was applied to the concept for the upper deck as a whole. Here both interior and exterior spaces are cleverly mixed to create a further spectacular relaxation area that is 65 square metres in total. Offering just under 30 square metres of space, the convertible sky lounge can be used 365 days a year thanks to the Up&Down windows and opens aft towards the sun lounge which, at 35 square metres, doesn’t just provide Owners with a further convivial area with direct sea contact but also shelters the whole of the aft deck.

The sunlounge has a characterising octagonal shape and does nothing to hide its visual impact. There was no attempt to find improbable and forced style integrations – on the contrary, the flat, geometrical surfaces typical of Arcadia DNA were brought in and valorised, highlighting their prismatic nature.
To satisfy any and all of the Owners’ requirements, ARCADIA has also created a variety of different interior layout options at the design stage that play with the inside-outdoor ethic. Currently over 50 combinations on the design have been developed to showcase just how flexible this craft is and to help clients select the solutions that best mirror their own wishes.


The A105, presented at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2018, is the third yacht that her Owner has had built by ARCADIA in 7 years. “Choosing us again for the third time is the best possible acknowledgement of our work and of the trust established over the years with the Owner and his entourage,” declared Ugo Pellegrino, Sole Director of the Italian yard. “His choices reflected his navigation philosophy and that is something we are very familiar with: large convivial spaces for daytime and cabins that are genuinely able to offer exceptional privacy and comfort well beyond the category. This is why he asked us to dedicate the winter garden forward on the main deck to a playroom where he could gather with a few select guests or simply enjoy the bow view and natural sea breeze guaranteed by two large side windows.”

The style of the interiors is clean and sober, yet rich in details and materials. It attracts the attention of first-time observers, revealing new aspects at every glance. In both the communal areas and the cabins, black and white Are used in unusual woods and combined with gloss lacquered inserts to create a contrasting interplay that is much more than just an aesthetic element. The main saloon is a case in point as the central area, which features dark carpeting, is dedicated to welcoming guests, while the lighter colour of the floors and ceilings along the side very naturally mark them out as passageways for moving about aboard. Unusual and refined wood essences, perfect lacquering, lively patterns with steel and leather make ARCADIA A105 an example of uniqueness that brings to mind larger yachts.

The characterising and geometrical intertwining pattern of the glass surfaces allows lots of light to enter and contributes to increasing the perceived size of the interiors, which is already at the top of the range. An example are the glass windows that cover the entire play room in the bow, which is full of light as required by tradition.

The idea of creating a direct relationship with the surrounding environment and a constant interaction between interior and exterior spaces – the keys to every ARCADIA yacht concept – has been further evolved in the A105. The entrance to the living room from the aft-deck is crossed by a spectacular transversal glass wall, which does not reduce the incoming light and increases the feeling of space. The same structural elements, such as the stairs leading to the upper deck with its “floating” steps, are designed to leave the eye free to roam and never impede the view. This concept crops up again in the furnishings which have deliberately been kept low and sleek.

To further boost privacy, the master cabin is accessed via its own stairs while the Owner chose two large VIP cabins with transversal beds and a guest cabin from the various options available for the guest quarters.

Images: Arcadia Yachts


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