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29. Juni 2018

Being resolutely modern in design and engineering: the new Aston Martin DBS Superleggera

Purity of form preserved by aggressive use of advanced aerodynamics

Designed in-house at Aston Martin’s Gaydon HQ, under the guidance of Executive Vice President & Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman, DBS Superleggera captures the spirit of its great Super GT ancestors, combining the inherent elegance for which Aston Martin is renowned with raw potency and pure aggression. The result is a distinctive and imposing machine blessed with tremendous physical presence, but also a shape of unusual purity, balance and immaculate detailing.

Continuing Aston Martin’s pursuit of highly individual designs for each of its models, the DBS Superleggera combines perfect proportions and painstaking surfacing. Its magnificent physique – flawlessly sculpted utilising lightweight carbon fibre panels – is compelling, while carefully considered details create areas of intrigue while clearly showcasing the aerodynamic functionality that sets this supreme Super GT from its rivals.

The bold front grille is influenced by one of the most repeated shapes found in nature – the honeycomb – while the bonnet’s elongated power bulges and flared nostril bonnet vents create a dynamic sense of speed, while emulating its spiritual predecessor. With drawn-in flanks sculpted to accentuate the muscularity of the broad front shoulders and powerful rear haunches, the DBS Superleggera boasts a dramatically honed physique that mirrors the extreme muscular nature of its performance.

The front splitter and airdam work in unison, accelerating airflow underneath the front of the car to deliver true downforce and assist cooling by feeding air to the front brakes. The new deeper side strake draws more air from the front wheel arch to reduce lift and aid high-speed stability. Behind the front wheels the so-called ‘open stirrup’ and ‘curlicue’ – inspired by the Aston Martin Vulcan and Vantage GTE race car – allows air to escape and flow cleanly along the car’s flanks. At the rear, the combination of a Double Diffuser and enhanced Aeroblade ll cleverly ducts airflow to generate additional drag-free downforce – the highest ever achieved by a series production Aston Martin with 180kg at VMAX.

The interior makes an equally bold statement: clear, intuitive ergonomics and flowing lines combined with bold use of materials. Brilliantly supportive Sports Plus seats hold you firmly in place but readily deliver exceptional long-distance comfort, while the faceted Sports Plus steering wheel is tactile perfection. A hooded Sports binnacle shrouds the recessed instruments to further enhance the driver-focussed cockpit feel.

Fixed, full-length paddle shifters facilitate up and downshifts without the driver having to reposition their hands on the steering wheel during cornering, with the shift actuation honed for a direct and positive feel. The centre console features the familiar array of ‘PRND’ transmission buttons in the upper section, with smooth touch-sensitive HVAC controls located in the lower portion. Operation of the infotainment system operated via the centrally-mounted control dial.

Executive Vice President & Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman said: “With DBS Superleggera we had the perfect opportunity to celebrate Aston Martin’s unrivalled Super GT pedigree. We wanted to create a car that combined cutting edge aerodynamics with the classic muscularity and presence for which our most potent series production models are renowned. The result is a shape of true purity and exceptional efficiency – one that generates a significant increase in downforce without any drag penalty. Explicit but not exaggerated, it exudes a sense of immense potency.

Images: Courtesy of Aston Martin


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