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A Playful Bathroom

11. Mai 2018

For her second collaboration with Bisazza, Designer India Mahdavi has turned the clinical white bathroom on its head through injecting her distinct design aesthetic using playful forms and rich pastel colours

"I have turned the standard bathroom into a bubble of color and humor... An antidote to the clinical minimalism of the lab white. The three shades - blueberry, strawberry, and pistachio - are a joyful & playful tribute to gourmandise."

As if popping out of a comic book, the plouf bathtub, splash washbasin and wow mirror feature soft, rounded shapes in three exuberant colors: pistachio, strawberry and blueberry.

The bold use of color and overtly pop aesthetic – recurring traits in India Mahdavi’s projects – lend a sophisticated yet contemporary vibe to the collection, one that evokes the designer’s fascinating cultural heritage.

To complement the bathroom collection, Bisazza and India Mahdavi also launch Pinstripe; a new mosaic pattern, available in three color variants, that as the name suggests reproduces the formal texture and vertical lines of pinstripe fabric. In a design concept that relies on an interplay of contrasting lines and shapes, the mosaic pattern offers a harmonious counterpoint to the sinuous shapes of the individual pieces in the Mahdavi Collection.

Images: PR


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