A NON-standard Hotel

6. Dezember 2019

Set in an industrial background this Hotel in Pirogovo, Russia surprises with it’s WOW-Factor

The most difficult part: looking for a contractor

„The aim of our studio was to create the interior of a private hotel on the territory of a golf club.
 The project was of interest to us from the very beginning, but after visiting the construction site, we were absolutely delighted!
 We had to deal with a brilliant space that looked like an industrial building „buried in the heart of a forest“.
 The building was clearly divided into a bedroom area and a wide-open space for entertainment.
 The design specifications from the clients said that the building should surprise guests, entertain and be filled with various tricks stunts and illusions. 
Dutch art hotels such as the New York Hotel in Rotterdam and the Winston in Amsterdam were indicated as points of reference.
 After preserving the industrial background, we brought in “expensive” surfaces and materials for the interior trim.
 The result is a balanced mix of rugged materials, cast-in-place concrete, rough floor boards, burnished-style features and surfaces made of oxidised copper, marble and Venetian cast glass.
 We need to talk in more detail about facing the pillars with Murano glass slabs, since this clearly accentuates the pool space and the common area. 
A piece of cast glass the size of an ancient mobile phone lay for many years on a table in the workshop; it is very beautiful and we got hold of it when discussing some project of ours in the glass workshops at the Stroganovka.
 The idea of using cast-glass slabs in the interior has stayed with us since that time, and now the moment has come! Sketches using glass were instantly approved, and then the most difficult part began – looking for a contractor.
 A company from the island of Murano and some Czech glassblowers took part in the manufacturing tender, but our choice fell on the Russian company Nickel Collective, which developed the clearest system for fastening and insuring the glass.“ Nefa Architects

Images: Courtesy of the Architects

NON standard Hotel, Pirogovo, Moscow Oblast, 141033, Russia


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