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A mobile phone stand out of an egg box

4. Mai 2020

As video calls have now very much taken over our lives, designer Paul Priestman has created an easy how to video showing how to make a mobile phone stand out of an egg box in order to counter bad angles and ‚phone arm‘

The perfect lockdown life hack: make your video calls easier with this egg box mobile holder made in under two minutes

“The idea came out of necessity. As I’m sure many others will identify with, I’ve spent a lot of time on video calls since the beginning of lockdown, both with work and with family and friends. I kept getting ‘phone arm’, where you hold the phone at arm’s length so long your arm starts hurting, and was perpetually trying to find useful things to prop my phone up against, so that it wouldn’t slip halfway through a call. And almost daily on the news, I’d watch someone doing an interview on their phone from an awkward angle.”

Paul Priestman is one of the UK’s leading designers and chairman of PriestmanGoode. He has built his career around the philosophy that design is about making things better, and is constantly looking at the world around him to see what challenges design thinking can help us address. Over the last decade, his firm has developed ideas to tackle overcrowding on public transport, accessibility in air travel for passengers with reduced mobility, and reducing waste in travel – the latter of which was the subject of an exhibition designed and curated by the firm at the Design Museum in London, which ran for six months until March 2020.

Priestman continues: “I started looking for materials around the house, and made an initial prototype out of an old wine box. I then made a series of iterations, refining the design at each step, making sure that it answered a series of requirements: good angle, hands-free, suitable for both portrait and landscape formats, that you could swipe the phone whilst in the holder, as well as charge it while in use.  My goal was to create something that people would be able to make in their own homes, without any tools, and with everyday materials Eventually, I came to the egg box, and found it the perfect material. It’s something most people will have at home, the textured surface of the egg box is naturally non-slip, it gives the perfect angle in both portrait and landscape formats, it requires no tools other than a pair of scissors and can be made in under two minutes.”

Priestman has created an easy ‘how-to’ guide, which you can view or download here. There are two versions of the mobile holder, one basic, and one with a power base, which uses two egg boxes and allows you to charge your phone while in use.

Images: Priestmangoode

Watch the video here

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