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28 Posti

16. November 2018

Young chef Marco Ambrosino at 28 Posti in Milano, proposes a gourmet and avant-garde cuisine

Oriented towards seasonality and attentive to the quality of the food proposed

A masterful cuisine within everyone’s reach, oriented towards ethical values, attentive to the quality of food, to the respect of the environment and to the fairness and sustainability of production processes. Marco Ambrosino previous experiences (including at the Melograno in Ischia with the chef Libera Jovine and at Noma in Copenhagen) have allowed him to create a harmonious balance between the traditional cuisine of the Campania region and a more experimental and avant-garde type of cuisine, learning to use both top-quality and less noble food products.

The menu changes every two months and can also satisfy those with gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian needs.

The menu however also contains a few permanent ‘flagship dishes’ – such as tagliolini pasta with leek fondant, powdered capers and candied lemon; burnt onion with fermented wild strawberries; a dessert made with almond-flavoured ricotta cheese, coal, pollen ice- cream and fish eggs.

Wines are also selected carefully, with a wine list that proposes labels of the highest quality but that favours small producers and artisan winemakers. Small plots of lands, managed by companies that respect the territory, rural culture and biodiversity – 80% are natural wines from biodynamic agriculture.

The architectural project has restored the location to its original state, adding new elements of decor produced entirely from recycled materials.

The building works were carried out by the inmates of the Penitentiary Institute of Bollate, who benefited from Italian law Art. 21 and took part in the construction site. The no-profit NGO Liveinslums, partner of the project, started up a carpentry workshop in the prison, where inmates built tables, doors and cabinets for the restaurant, designed by Francesco Faccin and made with the contribution of master cabinetmaker Giuseppe Filippini.

The kitchen is the soul of the project and is accessible to guests via an obligatory passage at the restaurant entrance and an opening in the dining hall that renders visible the preparation of dishes.

The restaurant is infused with an artistic atmosphere which offers its guests a minimal but refined environment.

Many of the objects used in the dining room and kitchen are self-made products that come from the slums of Mathare and from the iron laboratory of Jua Kali (Nairobi), part of the ‘Made in Slum’ exhibition at the Milan Triennale in 2013.

The room exhibits the ‘Nomadic Sellers’ and ‘Statale 106’ photo projects by Filippo Romano and also showcased are the images of the ‘In case of Loss’ and ‘Sapologie’ photo projects by Francesco Giusti.
The Pet Lamp lights of the restaurant were created by Alvaro Catalan de Ozon with a group of destitute immigrants in Bogotà as part of a project of social cooperation.

Images: Marco Varoli (Food); PR

28 Posti, via Corsico 1 (MM2 – Porta Genova)
Telephone: 02 8392377


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