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4. Januar 2019

Wearing a Market Trench: a symbol of Change

Luke Cardew about his very special piece of fashion:

Red, white and blue have been long known to represent liberty, equality and fraternity however, my first encounter with this material was 2008 in Chengdu during the earthquake emergency response project we set up (www.iboughtashelter.com). It was being handed out by the Chinese government as an immediate protection agains the elements and you could see it everywhere.
Returning to Shanghai I noticed the ubiquitous use of this material, from market stall vendors, shop renovations to large scale construction sites all protecting various tools, materials and interiors.
This trinity of colour (“snake skin” the literal chinese translation of this material) iconic in china, bears now a closer relationship to transformation, urbanisation and nomadism under the theatrical developments of modern China. We started documenting the use of the material across China and we ended up making Market Trench, a symbol of Change.

We built this raincoat as more of an art project however some buy it as protection from the elements as was its intended use, it is indeed 100% waterproof! Some have bought it as a fashion item, and some buy it just to be apart of the project. We have had the pleasure of redressing shop windows around Shanghai and flogging the coats as if at a market, straight out of card board boxes. Its a great excuse to bring a bunch of friends and strangers together.

Images: Courtesy of the Designer

Luke comes from a family of makers. His brothers and sister all ended up in creative fields in one way or another, despite his father running away from the creative environment he was brought up in. In 2006 he went to China for a job straight out of uni. The job wasn’t exactly what he wanted from design and after 10 months he quit and started consulting within design in Shanghai.
In 2010 he officially set up the company (LCDC) as design agency with a focus on digital media, print, and industrial/product design. The scope of work we have completed since then astounds me. Today he is still producing the weird and wonderful, which somehow always brings a smile to the face.



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